Wednesday, 18 June 2008


OK so I thought I would make a wee personal post for a change. So on Tuesday I went to town with Sarah. (That is Edinburgh) spent all day :D. I felt bad cause well I needed to buy a few things, such as new jeans and some work t-shirts. But hey, I was paying for everything so I do get a say. So yeah I got jeans and t-shirts and things. I still need a jacket. We went into Armstrong's, which is a vintage clothes store which is the smellist place I have been. There was a guy who was cementing the floor. And I ended up getting half the stuff on my shoes.
Yeah so I need a jacket. All I own are hoodies. So I need a jacket. Hrmm.. the only thing I never got.
Yeah so we saw all these cats, plotting on top of a roof.

Yeah, so this entry was very unplanned.

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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Hehehe, my request and rant started the OROW craze again. OROW(One Room One Week) is an AGS competition, which gets a lot of entries and a lot of great games made. Anyway it starts on the 21st-28th of June, can't wait. It is all anonymous so I better not say anything, till after it is finished. Hopefully there will be a completed game at the end of this.

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

I hate bathgate

Sorry, but I failed my driving test today.

Monday, 2 June 2008

YAY I solved a scripting problem

Sorry I am really pleased that, my script is starting to do what I want. Well it didn't at first, but I solved the problem, by making an object a character :D.
SO update:

Worked on some scripting and finished off the GUI and the icons. I found the "talking" icon the hardest, both in the selection bar and the mouse icon. Many people on Stickam said it looked like a penis, but I think that is crude. Maybe a worm, or a sock puppet. I might have to revise it a little. I am unsure about the default grey colour, but I wanted to just adjust the GUI -nothing fancy- just so it does its job.

Also added a little easter egg, ie "nod" towards a fellow gamemaker and game :P I am wondering if I could involve other fish as part of a puzzle, as they are frequently swimming around. I actually want to work on some new fish for the game the next time I have some free time. Although, Sarah is coming back in less than 48 hours so... I have limited complete free time...
Here is a little screenshot:

Hopefully I will have some inventory items drawn, animations, more fish, main NPC drawn, more scripting done, dialoue written, puzzles finalized and increase the room size next time :P
Well really that is my list of things left "to-do".

So Sarah is coming back. YAY! Can't wait, then I have my driving test, then prom, then the rest of the summer :D

Man I need to sort out what I will be doing with my life. As I am at that point, I just need to have some time management. But there is loads of things to do, and sort out. And all.

Anyway, the rest of my life is fine. Well I really hope I pass my driving test, cause I want to drive Sarah about. And well I want it over and done with. I think I am a safe driver. I just need to know exactly what I am doing with my maneuvers in this new car. Then well, I don't see why not. I better finish up there or it will turn into a Sylvr entry :P

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