Thursday, 30 April 2009

What! IndieBoy made a Background?!

Yeah well its not perfect, but YEAH I have!! Sorry I'm just gloating that I've actually finished(*cough*) a background. And where else can I do it without looking bigheaded? MY BLOG :D

I'm well pleased that I started this and actually finished this bad boy. And I entered it into the BG Blitz. I really doubt I'll get anything, but I am really happy that I entered and "on time". Well it depends on your timezone really. I might actually make a CL post and get some help finishing this to the best I can. And it might get me in the mood to make some backgrounds for a change.

Also (since Ghost posted a youtube vid in his blog):


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Watch Out!

Well I keep turning round and seeing 3 headed monkeys. Why can't I focus! Damn! One things is that I need to study cause I have exams soon, but also now I have a project but I'm just avoiding working now. :(

Is there no way to win?

And I need to work on my backgrounds. Meh! I need a holiday.

Photoshop is fun but I can't use it to make backgrounds. 



Friday, 17 April 2009

Deja vu!

Here is an update and to honor Ben's double post I shall double post about the same thing! YEAH!

So I took Ben's advice and tried to think about how I walked so I noticed I don't really lift my legs that much as he said, but I estimated I didn't lift my feet really higher than my foot's height. So I took that as a reference for my revision of the walkcycle and upadted the poor fellow. 

I noticed the guy's shoe size changed nearly every frame so I tried to sort that out too. Also I added the bob, but it makes it look more stampy ¬¬

Plus I tried to show some movement on his shirt and things. So I'm pretty pleased with him now. 

But saying that...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Gah Big is Better?

Well guys I thought I shal post something that I spent a while on. I don't think Iv spent so long on a walkcycle before, maybe 4hours tops. And I'm still not happy with it but a the moment its done. So I woner whatyou  guys think? I tried to make him ratio wise correct hence the size of him, but still comical and my own take on  the human form. 

Now Im wondering if I should try to reedit this guy with Ben's shading, but still he is a big 100px guy in a 320*240 world. 

Well this guy is mean't to be evil, and there is a reason behind why I worked on this guy for so long but that can't wait for another post. 

Monday, 6 April 2009

Ben Shading Not working

Well my random animal drawing for today was a Rhino which went ok. I'm trying to go to the limits of my new style, with the number of pixel system. Anyway, my ben304 shading wasn't going that well with this fella. So I stole the palette from Ben's example. Because, well Im struggling with blue as the main colour. I mean I tried green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple as the secondary colour but it still didn't work. So with ben's colours it looks a bit better, but still its Meh!

I dunno if it is my shading, but I don't think so. 

Monkey Island

Today at work I could swear someone had the MI theme tune as their ringtone. But I only caught the first 5 secs of the tune before it was answered. And I couldn't see who answered it. 

There was my chance. A possible Adventure Game Nut who I could of possibly hugged today. Cause basically that made my day, because that ust showed to me that people who like adventure games aren't just on the internet. 

Aw, what if they dreamt of making thier own adventure games, what if I spoke to them and told them about AGS they could of made some aweosme games. Aw man, I feel sorry for them now. 

With any luck they will return to the store, but the chances of them returning and their phone going off again near me are slim, but it could happen. 

Aw man totally gutted :(

Unless, I've got a stalker....