Monday, 22 September 2008


I have a car!!!!

Getting it on Saturday so hopefully I will edit this post with photos :D

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I decided to change the look of the blog. Maybe the bright blue was too much :P Anyway, lets tell you all about my exciting new ideas.... .... Nah, I have had a lot on my mind. Just started uni and things so my free time has been taken up with that.

Still wondering if I want to update space pirates. I haven't got much of a bigger idea. Man.. I am back to square one. Okay I need to enter MAGS. I think that is the next step. Nothing large, but something bigger than Space Pirates.

Oh well just a short post. More next time I promise.

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Driving Test Passed

YAY!!! WOOO!!! I passed :D It was the same examiner who failed me :D So it makes me feel better that in my eyes I have improved my driving from the last test. Although that was over 2months ago, bloody test centre cancelling 2 of my tests putting me back of the queue twice!! Oh well I've passed now :D

That is all I wanted to say hehe I will update soon I promise

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Thursday, 4 September 2008


Okay so no post in a little while. So little personal update, that I have y driving test...(again) tomorrow. So I am going to bring all your hopes up, then we will see if they will cancel it AGAIN, and will make you all suffer too!!! MUHAHAHahahaha...

So on another completely other note, vista is evil cause it will not support full screen mode for dos games. I have spent about 4hours in total trying to get it to work, dosbox, VDMS, everything... So I am going to cry...

SO back to AGS, well now I have officially a one cup game. Which means not worth playing.. YAY!! I wasn't expecting anyone to play it anyway, it is a very short crappy game. But I have decided to update it, fixing all the scripting bugs, adding about another 10 puzzles and another few characters. But right now I am thinking about MAGS, I dunno if the rules will be any good for me, but I do have an idea, just not a game idea. I think I am just back to square one.

Also back to AGS matters, the BG blitz thread has been locked... Now I am on two sides here, one side says: Finally! 4 months without another competition is ridiculous!
And the other say: Aww man, the competition didn't even finish.

Now I think it was ridiculous that nothing was said about this until recently and there wasn't even a moderator who ask Loominous to either wrap it up or ask if it was ok to start another BG blitz along side (which eventually did happen). Although I think the whole off-topic discussion of this matter in the thread lead to the locking. Also insulting Andail (the moderator who took charge of the situation) on the recent BG Blitz just posted wasn't going to help really.

Anyway that was just my 0.0112220851 British pounds (two cents)

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