Monday, 29 June 2009

Ug UG Ug UG!

Ok maybe a little post would piss some people off, but Im proud of my oxymoron in there :D

So recently I've been crapping myself with uni stuff. First it was exams, then it was getting the results and now it is moving on and finding out WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO NOW>??!?!? So after I had my panic attack I decided that I wanted to do a business course. It uses a lot of skills, and will be fresh and exciting. So after writing a lot of bollocks about myself and choosing where I want to apply, I sent my application away today! YAY! So that means Im free to do some work for a change ¬¬ 

Oh well once again pointless post



Sunday, 14 June 2009

Window Updates

ARGGH I've lost a night's work of walkcycles due to windows restarting!!


Friday, 5 June 2009

Well I'm in a bad right now. A lot of stuff, but I'm annoyed with myself more than anything. I've let people down. Een though they haven't said anything, I do know I need to be better.

Anyway, on a more happier note, I must thank my lovely feedback givers I PMed recently. All your comments are very useful, and some made me laugh. There were a few trends in areas to fix and I'll send everyone a copy of a list of points with my own input too. Some comments have really inspired me, and I've got a wealth of new ideas now. Which so far I've added 3 NPCs, a backstory and more of a plot, a better ending.. ish.. (more of disapointing and yet unexpected ending but maybe a little enjoyable to the player) and a tonne of extra logical puzzles. It's the same format for the kind of "shopping list", but a lot more depth and still all in one room. So I should be able to make this game (with good quality) very quickly.


I'll hopefully post more than last month. What a crap posting month!

The only thing is that I'm picturing this game in high res or at least hand drawn. I don't know why. Although I'm going to pixel it, at the moment. Right now I need to finalise the puzzles and plot and the rest is just some hard work and EFFORT!