Saturday, 31 May 2008

Tip of a Whale's Tail

So today I worked on my game a little so here is a little update:

Yeah so the GUI has been sorted and also Bicilotti and OneDollar helped me with some coding of the NPC fish. It has given me some more ideas. As I thought since I have some more time to work on this then I might think of some more puzzles and expand the room a little.

Anyway this was a quick update as Sylvr said I haven't posted recently :P

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Sunday, 25 May 2008


I thought I would write a little message about my life and my new Job. Well I started employment at GAP today :D I know the whole "Gay And Proud" but it is good money and well the job was pretty easy. The stock room seemed the coolest place. All the shelves moved! I so want to re create StarWars :D or something, but not yet cause I don't want to get fired. Also there was a dent in a shelf which might mean that someone has already tried this.

PS: I am saddened that no one has entered a Mags entry yet :( I might of had a chance. But I am quite happy of how Whale's Quest is coming along now. Actually I will need to finish it before I have 0 time :(

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 3-5

Well it seems my project is on hold at the moment. Well it is because I have an exam tomorrow that I should be studying for (Instead of going into school to study and end up playing Monopoly... which I rock at by the way) that I need to pass so I can get into University. Well I am already in but it is the subject I need to pass to be able to do the Masters Degree -the five year one- in Engineering Physics.
So because of this all I have nothing to show for the last 3 days, apart from an increased knowledge of Physics. Damn, I will get all the girls :P

New news, well I don't know if I mentioned I got a new job which I start on Saturday so wish me luck :D Also a week after that Sarah comes back, YAY!, then driving test, then prom, then work full time. Man I am not going to have any AGS time :( Although I will have a lot of Sarah time to catch up on though :D

Oh another rant, I just found out that my driving instructor will be getting a new car before my test. So that means I have to learn how to drive his new car, in a week, so I can pass my test. Damn I am going to fail: stall, go in the wrong gear, mount the curb, kill someone, hit a wall or another car, kill the examiner, get rid of the evidence, get rid of the bodies, wash the car, explain to my instructor why he needs to re-paint and buff is new car and I won't be able to drive this summer :'(

That is all that is new.

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Day two

Well after thinking about it for a while, I don't think my game really fits the MAGS rules, so that relieves some pressure. Although I am giving myself the target of getting it finished in around a week.

Anyhoo I thought I should post a screen shot of what it looks like today.

Well I still have dialogue, revise the gui, script interactions, animations and objects to do. Basically all the scripting and some sprites with animation still to do. I may think of some other puzzles as I am a little more flexible with time, but I will finish my original design then see what it is like to play it.

On a side note:
My exam went well today, although I fell asleep at the end. Then came home and slept some more. Man, I want my bed.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008


Hello, my name is IndieBoy and I am from good old Scotland. My main aim for this blog is to talk about current events, document some of my thoughts and to keep a developers diary of my games. I use AGS(Adventure Game Studio) which is a great program, which I am still learning to use, that allows you to be able to create those classic point and click games.

My first entry:

Well after a long think about my first game and the whole theory of adventure games I decided to start a new project: a MAGS game. After spending some time in the AGS stickam room, I started to question what will I do in my life. I am at the point in my life that I am really thinking about where my life is going. A lot of new challenges and experiences await for me, but I have the choice of where I want to be in life. Just finished with school, starting a new job at the end of the week, Sarah coming over for Summer, going to Uni in September... my life has actually just begun. That is why I have decided to really "work" now. I have many failed attempts at games, but now I have the drive to produce something.

I must say thank you once again to everyone at stickam, more so the AGSers who actually use the room properly. and a special shout-out to Sylvr, she alowed me to brainstorm with her and gave me some great ideas for my game. So the MAGS deadline is the 25th, less than a week away... I think I'll make it.

My game will be a short, one room, one NPC, hardly any items, three-puzzle game. All about whales and underwater things. That is all I am going to say at the moment as it is getting late, and I have an exam in 9 hours :/

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