Thursday, 23 July 2009

Man my brain is weird...

A few spritejams ago it was Robinhood themed and I couldn't get an entry to look right. Now this week is superhero themed and I draw Bobbin as the Green Arrow. Man my brain is weird..

Although it shows that I improve :P

Friday, 17 July 2009


Well I have done a little bit but not too much to show. It doesn't look like Im going to get this done this weekend :(  Damn you social life! Damn you work! Damn you life!

Either way I am driven to get this done.

So I haven't failed.......yet.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Background (1)

Well here is what I've been doing for the last 45mins or so:

A background! 

Man those stairs took forever, but for the few pixels each step is at least they are all in perspective. :D

Once I finish this, then I might get some sort of game made with it, eventually. Man I hate backgrounds. 

I thought I would post it so it will push me to finish it :D

AGS, the Future, Awards and Games!

Well after watching the Puzzlebots trailer it just came to mind that this year is going to be great for AGS games! I mean you have Time Gentlemen Please and shifter's box which are both just awesome, the new Blackwell is coming out this month and now Puzzlebots says it will be out soon too. I think the awards in 6months time will be very exciting. I know Progz is working on something and that might be out in the next 6months, and let us not forget Ben Jordan 8. So if all the games mentioned are going to be out by the time of these awards, man it will be truely exciting. 

If great games are being made with AGS then this will attract ore game designers to use AGS and will make even better games! Aw man I think I'm going to piss my pants.

Just a thought, what if Reasonance is out by then! AHH! 


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I'm taking over

Well I've always wanted to enter the animation competition at the AGS forums and well I've never seen I've been able to. Either the sprite is a bit too complex to animate, or I'm competing with a full animated short with explosions and and WTF!! written all over the place. It made me think is this competition meant to be an animation competition that will benefit the entree by improving thier animation skills or is it an excuse to to make a new avatar? I would rather the animation competition to be a sort of sprite jam esk, but more object based. So I did what I thought I should do and post int he competition suggestion thread, and well Gilbot kind of handed me the competiton... 

Well so I've done it! I've re-invented the competition. 


What you guys think? I think its a step in the right direction. You have your writing competition, so that you can improve your adventure game plots. You have your BG Blitz to improve your background skills. You have your Sprite Jam to improve your character design and your spriting. You have your Tune contest to learn how to make some awesome adventure musics. And now you have your animation competition to learn how to make some awesome animations for your game. You can't have too many animations :P

I want some interest and some entries guys :D