Thursday, 24 July 2008

Well Hello there!

Hey, sorry for the lack of posting. I have felt like I have let my one reader down... you!

Basically I have been working and things and haven't got a lot to show for myself "AGS-wise".
Made a couple SHAGs (Stickam Hourly Adventure Game) which you can download from the Stickam thread. You will need to search through it a little :P

So yeah, AGS...
Well I think I have been improving my scripting skills. I still need to work on a few aspects but overall I can produce a game. WQ is on hold at the moment. I have decided to scrap all my puzzles I had planned as they were not challenging. I would of gotten away with it if I made it in the original 3 days or so, but not for a game that I could of been working on for months.

So presently I am thinking should I jsut make a short game. Spend longer on it than an hour but to be made quick and fast. I think I work well under targets and things, just I lack ideas for themes etc. I would rather someone just told me, "IndieBoy! You shall make a game about "

So maybe some suggestions would be nice ;P

Well I will post again... just I need to have something to show really.

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

£100 Present..Food..Drunk..

Ok so a short post as I am drunk again. It was my mum's birthday yesterday so we went out for a meal tonight. Which was fun. I like passing for 18 especially when you are out with your parents. So Sarah and I had fun and maybe I had a little too much fun heh heh. So I am home. I don't have anything interesting to say today. I replied to my thread in the CL lounge. Got some very nice comments and very helpful ones. I really need to get back to work.

ok so I think I should sleep as I got work tomorrow.

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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Nick Name Bingo

YAY, I got a bonus at work today. (I think I should talk about work first today)
So basically they were really really really happy with my effort in the job so I got a £20 voucher for the store. So I got to use that plus my discount of 50% of non reduced things or 30% on general things. So I got jeans and a shirt for £20 :D which would of cost about £35. So apart from that, I am getting like 100 different nick names at work. So I said we should play nickname bingo. Get a list of nicknames I have been called, and wait for a name to be called on the radio and cross it off. :D

So it was my mum's birthday today. And we had a BBQ: going for a proper meal tomorrow. So that was fun then I went to a party with Sarah. Man all these parties I can't handle them heh heh heh. So it was fancy dress and we didn't know what to dress up as. So I wore shorts, cause it was hot and said I was from America. :D

Yeah so the party was good. Sarah had fun.

I really need to reply to my thread in forums. But tomorrow or maybe Sunday.

Ok from drunken kid, goodnight.

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Woo writing in a new location!!

Well today I am writing from my friends house. Party last night was pretty good, although everyone started to steal our drink and skittles. And Gav and Jen fell out so I had to help patch things up. Man Drunken advice is the best :D
Also another party on Friday :D man what I life I lead. Hehe.
So hopefully tonight I will have a bit more to sow in terms of AGS game making. I still don't know if Sylvr wants to continue with our OROW game. And the forum doesn't seem to be in a very helpful mood with my recent thread in the CL. Hrmm, nothing against the guy who has posted already just one post in about 48 hours on something that I want a range of opinions on, isn't what I was looking for. I might post again tonight.

Anyway this is a little update in my life

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

What happened?

Well OROW entry kinda failed. Sylvr had computer troubles and that, and well we broke communication for the last couple of days so we never got it completed. Oh well. Another project down the plug hole.

Okay so Whale's Quest! I am going to finish this one. Even if the puzzles will be rubbish.
Also I am going to try and post an entry a day. Maybe I don't have as an exciting life, but I will. I still need to post that entry about Sarah and I's trip to the zoo.

Anyway I am off to work now. I might rant on here, like sylvr :P

Hold on, I am watching Jeremy Kyle and a wee sick boy's wish to work with animals is being granted. But he isn't working with them. He has just gone to the zoo to look at them.

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