Sunday, 14 December 2008


IF you missed my sexy deep voice yesterday.. well too bad it was awesome, but at the moment it seems I can't speak any more. I hope I get my voice back soon.
Hrmm I feel like working on a game.. For once I do have an idea but I have no time to work on it as of exams, but they finish on Thursday so after that IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! so expect something.. maybe a little gift before the new year perhaps? Also it will be nearly a year for me being an active member to the AGS community YAY. One demo and one co-lab MAGS down but that was just in the last few months. Mmm this year has been kind of productive, but it aint over yet so keep your eyes peeled.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

TIme.. Time .. Time..

It's time again for me to post.
It's time again for Christmas.
It's time again for the AGS forum's clock to be out.
It's time again for me to post in the general forums and get a very cocky answer to something that worth pointing out.
It's time again for me to get annoyed over someone who I have never met, who I have never personally attacked or had any previous annoyance towards, yet will not give me any respect.
It's time again for me to get a "sense of humour".
It's time again for vista to mess up my computer.
It's time again for me to choose over work, uni and social life.
It's time again for me to sit exams soon and still feel like I don't know anything.
It's time again for me to get a life.
It's time again for me to post.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I remember..

When I said I was going to post every day or so.. Oh well that phailed.

I think too many things in my life are failing. I don't want to be a pessimistic, but it seems so. I can't believe that I got shouted at today cause I brought up the point that I'm more likely to make silly mistakes if I'm lab partner-less. Which is true! My lab partner has disappeared for about 6 weeks! So obviously I don't have someone to tell me "oh I don't agree" or "oh you've got to measure from the top not the bottom. GRR! So yeah I know I'm failing, partner or not, but still don't shout at me cause I bring the point up that it is a factor of it.

Oh well I just want to run away. Far, far away and build a house and hunt for food and watch the weather. Make my own heating system and flushing toilets and everything!

I always feel everything has been done before me. I want to do something no one has done! Does anyone else feel that way? Man... Okay sorry for what was meant to be an AGS related blog it is mostly about personal stuff: aka RANT RANT RANT RANT

I promise I will post something readable one day

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Update: Uni

Okay I forgot the to take pictures to sorry.

Back to the main point of this little personal post. Well I had my meeting and now they are speaking to the head of the course stuff so I might need to speak to him, but it seems like I might not be in uni this year :P I'm too late to change course and there isn't anything that I want to do at the uni...

So I dunno what I can do. Anyway I'm sure I will hear some more soon.

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Monday, 27 October 2008

I HAS GAME (again)

Well some crazy super scottish hero asked me to some graphics for his mags entry and some crazy indieboy accepted. So here:
Click to download

Yeah well if I knew how much work I had to do for uni the last few weeks then I would of rejected his offer. Anyhoo it is done!

Now for some more pressing news... I know I promised some hot pictures of me in my new car, but my camera is broken and all I have is my phone camera which would turn out crappy so if you are all that desperate then I will take some crappy pictures tomorrow in the car (with clothes, cause it is cold these days :P )

I am having a meeting with my Uni mentor cause I am phailing.. FUN! so I might be a uni drop out! YAY! More time to work with AGS! YAY!

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Monday, 22 September 2008


I have a car!!!!

Getting it on Saturday so hopefully I will edit this post with photos :D

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I decided to change the look of the blog. Maybe the bright blue was too much :P Anyway, lets tell you all about my exciting new ideas.... .... Nah, I have had a lot on my mind. Just started uni and things so my free time has been taken up with that.

Still wondering if I want to update space pirates. I haven't got much of a bigger idea. Man.. I am back to square one. Okay I need to enter MAGS. I think that is the next step. Nothing large, but something bigger than Space Pirates.

Oh well just a short post. More next time I promise.

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Driving Test Passed

YAY!!! WOOO!!! I passed :D It was the same examiner who failed me :D So it makes me feel better that in my eyes I have improved my driving from the last test. Although that was over 2months ago, bloody test centre cancelling 2 of my tests putting me back of the queue twice!! Oh well I've passed now :D

That is all I wanted to say hehe I will update soon I promise

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Thursday, 4 September 2008


Okay so no post in a little while. So little personal update, that I have y driving test...(again) tomorrow. So I am going to bring all your hopes up, then we will see if they will cancel it AGAIN, and will make you all suffer too!!! MUHAHAHahahaha...

So on another completely other note, vista is evil cause it will not support full screen mode for dos games. I have spent about 4hours in total trying to get it to work, dosbox, VDMS, everything... So I am going to cry...

SO back to AGS, well now I have officially a one cup game. Which means not worth playing.. YAY!! I wasn't expecting anyone to play it anyway, it is a very short crappy game. But I have decided to update it, fixing all the scripting bugs, adding about another 10 puzzles and another few characters. But right now I am thinking about MAGS, I dunno if the rules will be any good for me, but I do have an idea, just not a game idea. I think I am just back to square one.

Also back to AGS matters, the BG blitz thread has been locked... Now I am on two sides here, one side says: Finally! 4 months without another competition is ridiculous!
And the other say: Aww man, the competition didn't even finish.

Now I think it was ridiculous that nothing was said about this until recently and there wasn't even a moderator who ask Loominous to either wrap it up or ask if it was ok to start another BG blitz along side (which eventually did happen). Although I think the whole off-topic discussion of this matter in the thread lead to the locking. Also insulting Andail (the moderator who took charge of the situation) on the recent BG Blitz just posted wasn't going to help really.

Anyway that was just my 0.0112220851 British pounds (two cents)

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Saturday, 16 August 2008

I have a game

Orginally was going to made in 2 days... then extended a day.... then another 4!!

And I have a game out of it!!

Very short, quickly drawn, but I learned a lot of scripting which is awesome.

And here it is :D

Click to download

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Friday, 8 August 2008



Friday, 1 August 2008

August Fools!!

I had my driving test today.. well should of. It got cancelled due to the rain and severe weather!!! Bloody Scotland. Needs to be soo wet.

So I am a little pissed off. So lets talk about AGS!!

Basically I have decided to do nothing :D
WELL.. I was going to finish WQ but I fancy entering MAGS. I might as well, due it being made for noobs like moi. Also the last few SHAG entries shows that I can actually make a game. I just need to wait for the rules and then I can get pixelling and scripting!!

I might and make some music. Probably not, maybe someone might be nice and make some music for me.

Anyway, I didn't have much to post maybe I could show you guys(I add the plural to cheer myself up) some of my practice animations.

(I don't think these guys will move...)

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Well Hello there!

Hey, sorry for the lack of posting. I have felt like I have let my one reader down... you!

Basically I have been working and things and haven't got a lot to show for myself "AGS-wise".
Made a couple SHAGs (Stickam Hourly Adventure Game) which you can download from the Stickam thread. You will need to search through it a little :P

So yeah, AGS...
Well I think I have been improving my scripting skills. I still need to work on a few aspects but overall I can produce a game. WQ is on hold at the moment. I have decided to scrap all my puzzles I had planned as they were not challenging. I would of gotten away with it if I made it in the original 3 days or so, but not for a game that I could of been working on for months.

So presently I am thinking should I jsut make a short game. Spend longer on it than an hour but to be made quick and fast. I think I work well under targets and things, just I lack ideas for themes etc. I would rather someone just told me, "IndieBoy! You shall make a game about "

So maybe some suggestions would be nice ;P

Well I will post again... just I need to have something to show really.

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

£100 Present..Food..Drunk..

Ok so a short post as I am drunk again. It was my mum's birthday yesterday so we went out for a meal tonight. Which was fun. I like passing for 18 especially when you are out with your parents. So Sarah and I had fun and maybe I had a little too much fun heh heh. So I am home. I don't have anything interesting to say today. I replied to my thread in the CL lounge. Got some very nice comments and very helpful ones. I really need to get back to work.

ok so I think I should sleep as I got work tomorrow.

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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Nick Name Bingo

YAY, I got a bonus at work today. (I think I should talk about work first today)
So basically they were really really really happy with my effort in the job so I got a £20 voucher for the store. So I got to use that plus my discount of 50% of non reduced things or 30% on general things. So I got jeans and a shirt for £20 :D which would of cost about £35. So apart from that, I am getting like 100 different nick names at work. So I said we should play nickname bingo. Get a list of nicknames I have been called, and wait for a name to be called on the radio and cross it off. :D

So it was my mum's birthday today. And we had a BBQ: going for a proper meal tomorrow. So that was fun then I went to a party with Sarah. Man all these parties I can't handle them heh heh heh. So it was fancy dress and we didn't know what to dress up as. So I wore shorts, cause it was hot and said I was from America. :D

Yeah so the party was good. Sarah had fun.

I really need to reply to my thread in forums. But tomorrow or maybe Sunday.

Ok from drunken kid, goodnight.

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Woo writing in a new location!!

Well today I am writing from my friends house. Party last night was pretty good, although everyone started to steal our drink and skittles. And Gav and Jen fell out so I had to help patch things up. Man Drunken advice is the best :D
Also another party on Friday :D man what I life I lead. Hehe.
So hopefully tonight I will have a bit more to sow in terms of AGS game making. I still don't know if Sylvr wants to continue with our OROW game. And the forum doesn't seem to be in a very helpful mood with my recent thread in the CL. Hrmm, nothing against the guy who has posted already just one post in about 48 hours on something that I want a range of opinions on, isn't what I was looking for. I might post again tonight.

Anyway this is a little update in my life

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

What happened?

Well OROW entry kinda failed. Sylvr had computer troubles and that, and well we broke communication for the last couple of days so we never got it completed. Oh well. Another project down the plug hole.

Okay so Whale's Quest! I am going to finish this one. Even if the puzzles will be rubbish.
Also I am going to try and post an entry a day. Maybe I don't have as an exciting life, but I will. I still need to post that entry about Sarah and I's trip to the zoo.

Anyway I am off to work now. I might rant on here, like sylvr :P

Hold on, I am watching Jeremy Kyle and a wee sick boy's wish to work with animals is being granted. But he isn't working with them. He has just gone to the zoo to look at them.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


OK so I thought I would make a wee personal post for a change. So on Tuesday I went to town with Sarah. (That is Edinburgh) spent all day :D. I felt bad cause well I needed to buy a few things, such as new jeans and some work t-shirts. But hey, I was paying for everything so I do get a say. So yeah I got jeans and t-shirts and things. I still need a jacket. We went into Armstrong's, which is a vintage clothes store which is the smellist place I have been. There was a guy who was cementing the floor. And I ended up getting half the stuff on my shoes.
Yeah so I need a jacket. All I own are hoodies. So I need a jacket. Hrmm.. the only thing I never got.
Yeah so we saw all these cats, plotting on top of a roof.

Yeah, so this entry was very unplanned.

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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Hehehe, my request and rant started the OROW craze again. OROW(One Room One Week) is an AGS competition, which gets a lot of entries and a lot of great games made. Anyway it starts on the 21st-28th of June, can't wait. It is all anonymous so I better not say anything, till after it is finished. Hopefully there will be a completed game at the end of this.

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

I hate bathgate

Sorry, but I failed my driving test today.

Monday, 2 June 2008

YAY I solved a scripting problem

Sorry I am really pleased that, my script is starting to do what I want. Well it didn't at first, but I solved the problem, by making an object a character :D.
SO update:

Worked on some scripting and finished off the GUI and the icons. I found the "talking" icon the hardest, both in the selection bar and the mouse icon. Many people on Stickam said it looked like a penis, but I think that is crude. Maybe a worm, or a sock puppet. I might have to revise it a little. I am unsure about the default grey colour, but I wanted to just adjust the GUI -nothing fancy- just so it does its job.

Also added a little easter egg, ie "nod" towards a fellow gamemaker and game :P I am wondering if I could involve other fish as part of a puzzle, as they are frequently swimming around. I actually want to work on some new fish for the game the next time I have some free time. Although, Sarah is coming back in less than 48 hours so... I have limited complete free time...
Here is a little screenshot:

Hopefully I will have some inventory items drawn, animations, more fish, main NPC drawn, more scripting done, dialoue written, puzzles finalized and increase the room size next time :P
Well really that is my list of things left "to-do".

So Sarah is coming back. YAY! Can't wait, then I have my driving test, then prom, then the rest of the summer :D

Man I need to sort out what I will be doing with my life. As I am at that point, I just need to have some time management. But there is loads of things to do, and sort out. And all.

Anyway, the rest of my life is fine. Well I really hope I pass my driving test, cause I want to drive Sarah about. And well I want it over and done with. I think I am a safe driver. I just need to know exactly what I am doing with my maneuvers in this new car. Then well, I don't see why not. I better finish up there or it will turn into a Sylvr entry :P

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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Tip of a Whale's Tail

So today I worked on my game a little so here is a little update:

Yeah so the GUI has been sorted and also Bicilotti and OneDollar helped me with some coding of the NPC fish. It has given me some more ideas. As I thought since I have some more time to work on this then I might think of some more puzzles and expand the room a little.

Anyway this was a quick update as Sylvr said I haven't posted recently :P

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Sunday, 25 May 2008


I thought I would write a little message about my life and my new Job. Well I started employment at GAP today :D I know the whole "Gay And Proud" but it is good money and well the job was pretty easy. The stock room seemed the coolest place. All the shelves moved! I so want to re create StarWars :D or something, but not yet cause I don't want to get fired. Also there was a dent in a shelf which might mean that someone has already tried this.

PS: I am saddened that no one has entered a Mags entry yet :( I might of had a chance. But I am quite happy of how Whale's Quest is coming along now. Actually I will need to finish it before I have 0 time :(

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 3-5

Well it seems my project is on hold at the moment. Well it is because I have an exam tomorrow that I should be studying for (Instead of going into school to study and end up playing Monopoly... which I rock at by the way) that I need to pass so I can get into University. Well I am already in but it is the subject I need to pass to be able to do the Masters Degree -the five year one- in Engineering Physics.
So because of this all I have nothing to show for the last 3 days, apart from an increased knowledge of Physics. Damn, I will get all the girls :P

New news, well I don't know if I mentioned I got a new job which I start on Saturday so wish me luck :D Also a week after that Sarah comes back, YAY!, then driving test, then prom, then work full time. Man I am not going to have any AGS time :( Although I will have a lot of Sarah time to catch up on though :D

Oh another rant, I just found out that my driving instructor will be getting a new car before my test. So that means I have to learn how to drive his new car, in a week, so I can pass my test. Damn I am going to fail: stall, go in the wrong gear, mount the curb, kill someone, hit a wall or another car, kill the examiner, get rid of the evidence, get rid of the bodies, wash the car, explain to my instructor why he needs to re-paint and buff is new car and I won't be able to drive this summer :'(

That is all that is new.

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Day two

Well after thinking about it for a while, I don't think my game really fits the MAGS rules, so that relieves some pressure. Although I am giving myself the target of getting it finished in around a week.

Anyhoo I thought I should post a screen shot of what it looks like today.

Well I still have dialogue, revise the gui, script interactions, animations and objects to do. Basically all the scripting and some sprites with animation still to do. I may think of some other puzzles as I am a little more flexible with time, but I will finish my original design then see what it is like to play it.

On a side note:
My exam went well today, although I fell asleep at the end. Then came home and slept some more. Man, I want my bed.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008


Hello, my name is IndieBoy and I am from good old Scotland. My main aim for this blog is to talk about current events, document some of my thoughts and to keep a developers diary of my games. I use AGS(Adventure Game Studio) which is a great program, which I am still learning to use, that allows you to be able to create those classic point and click games.

My first entry:

Well after a long think about my first game and the whole theory of adventure games I decided to start a new project: a MAGS game. After spending some time in the AGS stickam room, I started to question what will I do in my life. I am at the point in my life that I am really thinking about where my life is going. A lot of new challenges and experiences await for me, but I have the choice of where I want to be in life. Just finished with school, starting a new job at the end of the week, Sarah coming over for Summer, going to Uni in September... my life has actually just begun. That is why I have decided to really "work" now. I have many failed attempts at games, but now I have the drive to produce something.

I must say thank you once again to everyone at stickam, more so the AGSers who actually use the room properly. and a special shout-out to Sylvr, she alowed me to brainstorm with her and gave me some great ideas for my game. So the MAGS deadline is the 25th, less than a week away... I think I'll make it.

My game will be a short, one room, one NPC, hardly any items, three-puzzle game. All about whales and underwater things. That is all I am going to say at the moment as it is getting late, and I have an exam in 9 hours :/

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